Book Recommendations & Reviews: January – June 2018

Three stacked books in the foreground, with a Miffy plushie and heart shaped cushion in the background.I have never written a blog post about book recommendations before. Though, recently I have read some books that I seriously enjoyed and wanted to share with anyone who is interested. I haven’t got many book recommendations, only three, and two are from the same author. However, they are all fairly small in size, which may be better if you would like to purchase all of these books to read. It may make them more ‘digestible’.

The header for each section contains a link to somewhere you can purchase the book. Also, I found through writing this that I am not very good at describing books and their storylines, so if you have any further questions about the books, please do ask!

Book Recommendations & Reviews

Strange Weather In Tokyo / Hiromi Kawakami

Book Recommendations: Strange Weather In Tokyo by Hiromi Kawakami, front cover“One night when she is drinking alone in a local bar, Tsukiko finds herself sitting next to her former high school teacher. Over the coming months they share food and drink sake, and as the seasons pass – from spring cherry blossom to autumnal mushrooms – Tsukiko and her teacher come to develop a hesitant intimacy which tilts awkwardly and poignantly towards love.”

I first heard about this book when reading through Marzia Bisognin’s ‘Books, Music, and Games’ section on her blog. In the post ‘ENTERTAINMENT // MARCH.’, Strange Weather In Tokyo is her second recommendation. It seemed like the perfect holiday read, so I saved it for my trip to Majorca.

Strange Weather In Tokyo is not a typical love story, and I wouldn’t label it as ‘romance’ either. It depicts the journey of the relationship between the main character Tsukiko, and her old teacher who she refers to as ‘Sensei’. It’s fairly slow-paced, filled with endearing, relatable moments in new not-quite relationships; misunderstandings and all.

Despite being only 176 pages long, it has many shocking twists and revelations that leave you feeling sad and empty. Strange Weather In Tokyo can be a rollercoaster of emotions at times. To me, the best stories are the ones in which you can tie your real-life feelings in with fiction.

I personally love Kawakami’s writing style, and I hope that there are more English-translated books that I could read. I saw her style described perfectly on her Wikipedia page. It reads, ‘Kawakami’s work explores emotional ambiguity by describing the intimate details of everyday social situations‘. If you’re drawn towards detail and drawing your own conclusions, you will definitely enjoy this book.

The Nakano Thrift Shop / Hiromi Kawakami

Book Recommendations: The Nakano Thrift Shop by Hiromi Kawakami, front cover.“Love is often found in unlikely places, but could there be anywhere less likely than the Nakano thrift shop?

Inside is a jumble of bric-a-brac presided over by enigmatic ladies’ man Mr Nakano, and frequented by a host of curious customers – all with their own dramas and tales of loss. Yet it is here that Hitomi, a restless young woman, meets Takeo, whose abrupt and taciturn manner she finds, to her consternation, increasingly disarming…”

The second book on this list is by the same author as the first. I bought it to keep me away from Strange Weather In Tokyo as I wanted to save it for Majorca. At 260 pages long, The Nakano Thrift shop is the longest book on this list.

This book has a limited number of recurring characters and settings, with only four characters appearing frequently, and the thrift shop being the typical setting for the majority of the book. For this reason, I feel you get to know these characters and their thought processes and quirks in crazy detail. Even minor characters in the story are interesting, and leave you wanting to know more about them.

There is an overarching storyline concerning the relationship between Hitomi and Takeo, another of the thrift shop workers. There are many questionable encounters between them, which leaves both the characters and the reader unsure of where they will take this relationship.

Diary of An Oxygen Thief / Anonymous

Book Recommendations: Diary of An Oxygen Thief by Anonymous, front cover.“Hurt people hurt people.

Say Holden Caulfield was an alcoholic and Lolita was a photographer’s assistant and somehow they met in Bright Lights, Big City. He’s blinded by love. She by ambition. DIARY OF AN OXYGEN THIEF is an honest, hilarious, and heartrending novel, but above all a very realistic account of what we do to each other and what we allow to have done to us.”

The last book on this list is darker, controversial, and a little rage-inducing for me. The story reads like it is the real-life confession of ‘Anonymous’ concerning his wrongdoings with women. The first line of this book is ‘I like hurting girls’, followed with, ‘Mentally, not psychically’. The main character is an arrogant, abusive alcoholic who takes pride in breaking women down and revels in the idea that they still think about him after the fact.

He eventually gets his comeuppance, which I won’t give details of in order to not spoil the story, but that is the point of the book. It begins by detailing the height of his abuse spree, the boredom he felt in times when his life was ‘together’, and his downfall towards the end of the novel.

It’s an interesting read that I do highly recommend. I believe the story has a sequel named ‘Chameleon In A Candy Store’ which I have no information of, but plan to read in the future.

Questions For You Guys…

  1. What are you currently reading?
  2. Are you intrigued by any of the book recommendations on this list?

I hope that you found this post useful and informative! If there is anything you want to know that I have not covered in this post, feel free to ask in the comments or direct message me on any of my social media channels.

I hope you’re all having a great day, and that you will be back for more posts in the future. If you want to read more lifestyle-related posts, click here.

Love, Flossie 

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8 responses to “Book Recommendations & Reviews: January – June 2018”

  1. Deanna says:

    Diary of An Oxygen Thief / Anonymous sounds interesting for sure !

    • stylebyflossie says:

      It’s definitely something different. The author writes like he’s unapologetic but wants sympathy anyway! Super strange. Thanks for reading ♡

  2. Caitlin says:

    Oh I love getting book recommendations, especially when they are this far off from what I normally read! That first one is intriguing – sounds like a pretty uncomfortable yet amazing love story.

    • stylebyflossie says:

      Honestly, I sometimes forgot that this was a story about a 30-year-old woman dating a 70-year-old man! There certainly are some awkward moments in the book but the majority of it is so sweet and endearing. Thanks for reading ♡

  3. Fiorella says:

    Since I have my 2 children, it’s getting difficult to read as many books as I used to. Now I’m managing much better my schedule, I would like to try these books!

    • stylebyflossie says:

      These books are all quite small, therefore perfect for a busy woman such as yourself! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment ♡

  4. I wish I could just spend time reading!! With 4 kids my time is so limited. The last book I read was a book about parenting. LOL – Once school starts I will have a little more time to myself!

    • stylebyflossie says:

      Fingers crossed when school starts again you’ll be able to dive straight back into reading! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment ♡

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