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Who is Flossie?

Style By Flossie is a personal blog run solely by Antonia – a.k.a ‘Flossie’.

Flossie is a nickname I was given by my Dad sometime in my childhood. My real name (Antonia) has never had a great ring to it. A four syllable name? Forget about it.

I’m a singer, and I have studied professional musicianship at BIMM Manchester for the last 3 years. I’m almost a graduate!

Music was my first love, but in 2014 I made a lot of room in my heart for fashion and beauty. I’ve been pretty much obsessed with it ever since. I love personal styling, trying new makeup, and all the rest of it!

I’ve been a devoted vegan since November 2016. Every item of makeup, skincare, or clothing featured on this blog will be 100% cruelty free. No animal should suffer or die for fashion and cosmetics.


What is Style By Flossie?

Style By Flossie is a personal blog. From time to time I’ll be covering:





This is just a little insight into what this blog is going to be about. If you would like to get in touch with me for any reason, you can DM me on any of my social media pages (click the icons at the top of the page for your preferred media). Alternatively, you can fill out a contact form on my Contact Page, or email me @ antoniabrier@gmail.com

Love, Flossie x

Style By Flossie

Style By Flossie

Style By Flossie is run solely by Antonia, a.k.a Flossie! This is a personal blog 'just for fun' with an emphasis on cruelty free/vegan fashion and beauty, as well as lifestyle and travel.


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